Conversation with my very religious mother

Me: did you know that it is a sin to wear that shirt and you could go to hell?
Me: I mean it has mixed fabrics.
Me: According to the bible, that's a sin.
Mom: show me where it says that
Me: levictus 19:19
"'Keep my decrees.
“‘Do not mate different kinds of animals.
“‘Do not plant your field with two kinds of seed.
“‘Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material.
Mom: well just because it says that doesn't mean you can say its a sin and we'll go to hell
Me: so why are people doing that with homosexuality

luvtheking asked:
the 100! it's on the CW's website plus this site called Watchseries. It has 13 eps in the first season, and will be back in the fall

I’ve already finished it lol Can’t wait until it’s back! but thank you!

my chest hurts when I breathe and I’ve told my mom that like three thousand times and all she says is “it’s just because you walk too much” damn can you PLEASE take me to a fucking doctor?? wtf it could be something seriouis but she doesn’t seem to give a fuck

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Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I’ll choke you with the same hand I fed you with. —Anonymous (via soulsscrawl)

August 15th: Demi Lovato attends ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ at Rumsey Playfield, Central Park in New York City.

I finally got my vans but I didnt find the color I wanted and when I look at my foot with it on my foot looks huge omg

AUGUST 15TH - Demi arriving in her hotel in NY.